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Ghosttown Doel: een duister sfeertje

Alle huizen zijn inmiddels afgeschermd dus je kunt ze niet meer betreden. De vraag is misschien wel, wil je überhaupt binnen zijn? Sommige huizen staan op instorten en geloof me, krakende vloeren doen het goed in films maar bij huizen die op instorten staan is het best gevaarlijk. 

Shop online!

Do you have an empty wall for a while now? Well, maybe I have something for you! From now on it is possible to order a print directly! In my shop you can see which prints are available. Are you interested in a print which isn't available yet, please contact me.

Oh deer! Is this normal?

I took this photo during a walk through the Amsterdam Waterleidingduinen. It is exclusively intended for hikers and you can also enjoy strolling outside the paths. Big change you will see a beautiful fallow deer, in this area there are 3000+ of them!

Yes, again!

Last weekend I went to the Brouwersdam, my favorite place to enjoy the beach together with many kite surfers and other watersports enthusiasts. When the sun was setting it was time for me to take my camera and tripod. I'm still working on my long exposure shots and after a few tries this is the result.

Got featured <3

Okay I was already pretty addicted to Instagram, but now completely. I was featured by super_holland and has delivered more than 1000 likes. It has made me excited to continue with photography, thanks for the boost!